Hi, I’m Anna, your self-confidence coach. I can help you overcome self-doubt so you can create a life that you love.

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If you’ve had enough of feeling self-doubt and want more from life, I can help you, because I helped myself.
I turned my life from filled with depression, self-doubt and unfulfilled dreams into a whole-hearted life where anything feels possible.
I achieved what I wanted: self-assurance, and comfort in my own skin. To be honest, I’m blown away by the change.

Now, I’m passionate about sharing my fail-proof, step-by-step, guide with you. I want you to smile when your alarm goes off, greet the day brimming with confidence, and embrace the life you now love.


Join me every other Tuesday when me and my guests explorers the secret behind living a life that you love. We’ll share personal inspiring stories and actionable strategies so you can overcome self-doubt, learn self love and become the person you most want to be. Including lots of laughter and heartfelt conversations. Get inspired, grow as a person and become the most confident version of yourself.

I’m ANNA, your coach

A self-confidence specialist with a passion for a happy and fulfilling life. I help women become their best selves with unshakable confidence, empowerment and bravery to achieve anything they want in their lives.

I’m born and raised in Denmark living in a city called Copenhagen’s version of Manhattan. (Or at least that’s what my boyfriend told me when he persuaded me to come live there). If I should describe myself with 4 things I’d say i’m always happy, I love theme parks, Asian food and The real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

My self-confidence-journey began when i was 17 years old and depressed. Feelings of anxiety and the thought of not being good enough made me turn down invitations from friends and family. That’s when I started seeing therapists and got a sense of how awesome life could be.

Since then I’ve made it my life mission to help others change their lives too.

Ready to get started? Let’s do this.

“I listened to Anna’s free 20 minute audio training to help me gain clarity around my dream life and increase confidence to create it. I felt encouraged and energised after listening.
Anna has a great energy and truly inspired me. Her genuine voice helped me
relax while motivating me to take action. Thank you!”

– Niomi Lindfors

Overcome self-doubt and
create a life that you love

Download this free audio training and get a clear vision of the life you want and the confidence you need to get it.

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