Season 1, Episode 1

How to let go of other’s negativity and take you power back

I’m so excited about this because it’s my first podcast episode EVER. I could talk about building self-confidence and self-esteem for hours so I thought, what better way for you and I to chat about this important topic, than to start a podcast? 

In today’s episode I wanna share with you how to let go of something negative or insulting someone said to you, that you just can’t shake off. That one thing that’s been said, that’s now in the back of your mind screwing you over because it makes you insecure about yourself + actionable steps on how to overcome this.

About This Episode

In today’s episode, i’m gonna cover: 

1. A personal story about a time where i experienced being insulted myself. I want you to know that if you’ve experienced this yourself, then you’re definitely not alone. 

2. The 3 personal step’s  I had to go through in order to let go of the insulting comment. 

3. An exercise you can use in your personal life to let go of others negativity and so you can take your power back. 

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