Season 1, Episode 5

Why journaling is a game changer if you want to build self-esteem

Figuring out how to build self-esteem and what daily habits you should develop to reach this goal and sometimes be a challenge. However, I wanna make this super easy for you, because in this episode you’re going to learn why journaling should be a part of your new daily habit if you want to develop stron self-esteem. 

About This Episode

In today’s episode, i’m gonna cover:

1. My #1 most important daily habit you should adopt if you want to build self-esteem.

2. A personal story about how I struggled myself and how I discovered it. 

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  1. gigi soriano

    Thank you for sharing! xx gigi

    • annastaffe

      I’m so happy you found this useful! Please let me know if there is anything you’d like me to cover in a future podcast episode. I’m happy to help 😀


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