16. Learn how to overcome limiting beliefs by rewiring your brain with Kristine Morris

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Do you struggle with having limiting beliefs about yourself? Are your thoughts standing in your way of a better future? If your anwser was yes to any of these, then you might be frustrated that you don’t have the tools to change your thoughts. 

Today’s podcast guest knows this scenario all too well. In fact, she specializes in women who wants to take their lives from good to great. Her website is called Thechangemaven.com where she offers  one on one coaching, group coaching, workshops and luxury retreats.

I’m reffering to the amazing Kristine Morris. She’s a transforminal coach and a motivational speaker. 

She’s the first guest on my podcast and she’s going to share

1. Her inspiring story of how she got into personal development and coaching (and how she went from being depressed to running a half marathon). 

2. Everything she knows about limiting beliefs by rewiering your brain. 

3. Her top tools and resources she’s used herself to overcome this issue. 

And so much more! So if you’re interested in knowning how to take your life to the next level, then this episode is for you! 

Show notes:

The wheel of life: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1G2k67e0aOQ-9EhT0wiOuqvCKMCoXPl29/view

Kristine Morris Webstie: http://www.thechangemaven.com

If you’d like to work with Kristine and get 25% off your first coaching package, connect with her via her contact page and enter MAVEN25 in the comment secction. 


Oh ma goodness, I loved this interview and got so many golden nuggets from Kristine!

Now Kristine and I are curious to know, if you have you struggled limiting beliefs and how you tackled it?

Remember that nothing makes me happier than to hear from you and where you are in your journey, so don’t be shy. I’m your personal development buddy. 

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me.

With great love,



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