Is your phone keeping you from gaining self-confidence?

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I’ve been spending all week without my phone, because it had to get fixed. And of course they didn’t have a phone I could borrow. At first, I was about to go crazy. I didn’t even realize how addicted I’ve become to my phone. You won’t even believe this, but I used to find excuses at work, to go into another room just so I could use it.
Do you do this too?
Another thing I experienced was that I really felt blocked inside, from being on my phone all of the time. I didn’t even realize how unconscious I am on my phone day in and day out. Actually paying attention to the real world gave me anxiety.
I don’t think you even realize that being on your phone separates you, FROM YOU. When you’re on your phone all day, you constantly pay attention to something else, but yourself. This is a big red flag, when you want to get better self-confidence, because you’re definitely not gonna get that from scrolling mindlessly on facebook all day long.


Time you spend on your phone

I got really curious about this phone thing and I had to look up how much time people spend on their phones on average, and you won’t believe what I found. 
According to a research in Brazil, people spend 5 hours A DAY on their phones. 
So I took it a little further than that and started calculating what percentage of their day is spend on their phones.
If you minus 8 hours of sleeping from the 24 hours that’s in your day, you’re left with 16 hours. Out of those 16 hours you spend 5 on your phone. That’s 35% of the hours you’re awake. 

Why is it important to cut back on phone time?

I’ve always strived for great self-confidence, but I didn’t know how much time and self-awareness my phone took away from me. I’m sure that you don’t either. But being aware of yourself, how you’re feeling and doing, is the most important skill to develop when you want to become more confident. Why? Because if you don’t know what’s going on in your head, you won’t be able to know what keeps trippin’ you up.

I’ve written a whole post on this, if you missed it, Klick here to head right over.

Any-who.. I really wanted to challenge you to become more aware of how much screentime you have daily, and how it affects your life.


Step. 1 become phone aware

If you’ve ever wandered how much time you spend looking into a screen, it’s your lucky day. Before you tell me that you don’t have time or whatever excuse you can come up with, I’ve got the solution. 


Moment is a screen time tracker that you can download in App Store. This app tracks how much screen time you have AUTOMATICALLY. You don’t have to do anything but download the app. How convenient is this? I’m in. Whenever I get my phone back.. 



Step. 2 Become self-aware

I know being self-aware can be a pain in the butt… but it’s necessary if you want lasting changes.


I wanna try an experiment with you… Spend one week without your phone. 

Okay not completely without it, but as much as possible. Tell friends, family, your dog… whoever needs to know that you’re cutting back and taking this time for yourself…and put it away.

Exchange screen time for time with friends and family. Be present. Read a book. Go for a walk and be aware of your surroundings. Be present with yourself.  Write down how you’re feeling, everyday. Keep a no phone journal.

Spend the following week as you usually would with your face glued to your screen, and then be aware of how you’re feeling. Compare the two weeks. How did it feel different?




Step. 3 Make a change

I really hope that you felt better when you were spending less time on your phone, or else jokes on me..

Any-who use your new information to make a better change in your life! Make a plan. How can you spend less time on your phone and more out in the world? Maybe you wanna start spending 1 hour a day without your phone. Or put it away every time you have a meal. Whatever it might be, any change is good.








Let me know in the comments below how your no screen time experience went!

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