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My worst year in school was the time when I spend 2 months locked in my room. I had stains on my onesie and my diet consisted of cinnamon rolls. Despite that, I’m a terrible reader I’d read the same book 4 times for my big assignment.
There were drumrolls and confetti going on in my head when my teacher handed my assignment to me. But instead of screaming of excitement and jumping up and down on my chair. My heart broke and I left my school in tears. You guessed it, I barely passed.
For years I was scared of saying anything in class because I believed that I was stupid. For me, good or bad grades determined if I was smart or not. 
So what does this have to do with achieving your goals?
Because like me, you’ve probably experienced failure in your life.
There’s nothing wrong with that. But if you let it define you (like I did) that’s what’s gonna stand between you and your goals. 
You won’t believe this but I found out the reason why I performed like a 1st grader in school. At age 22 I was diagnosed with ADHD.
I have trouble staying focused so it’s hard for me to keep up with homework. Unfortunately, I’d spend 22 years convincing myself that I had a gorilla brain and was no good.  But after getting diagnosed I realized that I’m much more than my grades and that I have great potential. 
Wanna hear some of ’em?
I’m a boss with a painting brush. I can hyper focus when I work on something i’m passionate about. I always show up with a positive mindset and a smile on my face.
Having this shift in my mindset made me believe that I can achieve anything and I’ll show you how you can too.

Why do you struggle to achieve your goals? 

Imagine this…It’s 5 am on the most miserable day of winter and you’re waiting for the bus. As you thought your day couldn’t get worse, a beautiful woman wearing a Burberry coat gets into her red Ferrari
You’re always dreamed about being one of the housewives in a golden gown. But you’ve quickly convinced yourself that kind of living isn’t for you. 
I get it, I’ve done that too, you’re not the only one. Science says that only 8% of people achieve their goals. So why do you struggle to achieve your goals? 1. You’re scared that you don’t have the ability to achieve you goals. Sentences like “I’ll never make it” or “if i was just as hot as her I could achieve my goals, but i’m not…” goes through your mind. 2. Because you don’t believe that you deserve a Ferrari, long blond hair and a model husband. 3. You’re scared that people will laugh at you if you fail or think that you’re too full of yourself.  
Wake up! That’s a bunch of baloney. You deserve anything your mind can think of. Don’t let bitchy thoughts pass your mind without realizing that they’re not true. If you do you’re denying yourself of a fulfilling life. Do you need tools to overcome your self doubt? Then i’ve got a perfect post for you.    

What do you dream about? 

Imagine that it’s your birthday… You’re sitting at a table surrounded by laughter. In front of you is your birthday cake with pink frosting and swirled candles on top. Your guests are waiting excitedly for you to make your birthday wish and blow out the candles.
What do you wish for?
I want you to dream big. If you think either of these thoughts “that’s a stupid dream, who do you think you are?” or “That’ll never come true”. Push them away and let yourself dream big without judgment, realism or limits. I’m not interested in what you can’t achieve because of economy, children or location.
If you could wave a magic wand and get anything, what would your birthday wish be?
Get around every part of your life. Grab a pen and paper and write don’t your answer to the following.
What do wish for in your …
1. love life? 
2. Family life? 
3. work life? 
4. Residential? 
5. Friendships? 
6. Activities? 

How to take action on your dreams?

Aren’t you excited? You found out everything you dream about in life! 

You found out everything you dream about in life! Hallelujah, You’re a rock star!

Now I know you want it all to come true at once, but it’s important to start out with 1 goal. If you choose more than 1 it can become overwhelming and have you say “Hasta La Vista”. 

Another important thing is not to beat yourself about not having your dream life… yesterday. Using others as your self-judgment snuggle toy will only make you feel terrible.

To achieve your goals you gotta bring out your most colorful pom pom’s. Be your own biggest cheerleader.

Let’s put your dreams into action. Bring out pen and paper and answer the questions down below:

  1. Where do you wish to see yourself (with focus on your 1 goal) in 1, 5 or 10 years? 
  2. What action step do you need to take to achieve this goal? 
  3. Who can you reach out to that can help you achieve your dream? 
  4. Put your action steps in order. What actions do you need to take 1,2,3,4 and 5th? 
  5. What do you wanna achieve within 6 months? 
  6. What do you wanna achieve within 1 year?

Let’s make this date with yourself official and put a reminder in your calendar every 2 weeks. Now you can check in with yourself and keep track of how far you are with your goal.

Do you need to make any adjustments? What’s the next step? Has there been any ups and downs? This way you’re keeping yourself accountable and making sure that you’re moving forward. 

What’s visualization good for?

I know visualization sounds a little woo woobut hear me out. What if I tell you that by practicing this, you’ll get closer to your dream goal?  Now I’ve caught your attention.

You attract what you believe in. So if you believe that you’re a 100-pound heavy loser who doesn’t deserve lovethat’s who you’ll become. The customer who says “Give me the regular”. Because you’re at Dominos Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Stuffing your face with greasy pepperoni pizza and garlic bread.

But, if you believe that you’re an athlete and that guys drool when they see you, that’s who you’re gonna be. You’ll likely spend your afternoon at the gym doing sit-ups. So you can flash your tight abs on your way home at Whole Foods.

Using a tool like visualization will help you achieve that.

Visualization exercise:

Sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Take 3 deep breaths to relax your body and bring your mind into focus. Now I want you to visualize your dream life as detailed as possible. How does it feel to live your dream? Who are you as a person when you’re living your dream?

The more you can visualize your dream as a reality, and feel it, you’re closer to achieving your dream. When you become closer to being the image in your mind you’ll attract in your real life.

But remember, all these steps will only work if you do. You can’t just visualize it and then go eat popcorns with your dog. You gotta put in the work.

Jim Carrey lived and practiced this and achieved his dream. Watch the video below and become inspired.


Now, I’d love to hear from you. How are you gonna reach your goals in life? Which part of this post resonated with you most and why? What can you do to turn that insight into action right now?


Leave a comment below and let me know and remember to share as much detail as possible when you reply. Many others come here each week for insight and motivation and your story may help someone else.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

With great love, Xo Anna

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