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Imagine this, you’re 1 mile away from the finish line. The sweat is dripping from your face, and you smell like a truck driver. Your legs are shaking but none of this matters, because in just moments, you’ve finished your first marathon. You see all of your hard work flashing before your eyes, and you’ve never felt more empowered than this exact moment.

Don’t believe this could be you? But it can. I wanna show you how you can make ANY dream a reality, and create a life that you love. We’re gonna create your personal mantra!

What is a Mantra?

Alright, I know this can sound all weird and spiritual, but stick with me, it’s very simple and very cool.

Every morning I look myself in the mirror. My hair looks like someones tied 236 knots, I’m sweaty from tossing and turning all night and my eyes barely open. However, I always tell myself “Good morning honey, today I choose to make positive changes in my life. I love you and I will do my best to show you love, care, and respect like my own best friend.”

This is my personal mantra. I choose these specific loving and action-filled words because I’d like to invite more self-love and positive changes in my life.

Some days I feel really anxious and then I tell myself “I am loved, I am enough”. And I repeat it until I feel calmer. Short and sweet, nothing fancy.

As you can see, a mantra is either words or a sentence that’s put together with the purpose of bringing in specific things you want in your life. It’s like your own magic superpower.

WHy do you need a personal mantra?

What do you daydream about?

A perky booty and flat abs that turn heads?

Waiving to your ex in your blood-red Ferrari?

Being asked on a date by Channing Tatum?

If you want your dream to become a reality (especially the one with Channing Tatum) you need your own personal mantra to invite that specific thing into your life.

See, your brain is actually really dumb because it believes whatever you tell it. So if you tell yourself “Channing Tatum would never ask me out because I am too fat, my toes look weird and I’m awkward“. Then your brain will believe this and so will you.

However, imagine if you looked yourself in the mirror every morning and told yourself confidently “Channing and I are meant to be because I am funny, smart and beautiful. Soon we’ll be making out in is 5 million dollar mansion and I’ll be on the cover of a magazine“.

See how this mantra is making you feel confident? Your actions will soon reflect your thoughts and bam you’re drinking margaritas, by your pool overlooking Holly wood.

Now let’s create your personal mantra so your dream can come true!


How do I create my personal mantra?

Bring out your journal and write down all of your dreams and anything you wish to achieve in your life. Now, which one stands out to you the most? Which dream would make the biggest impact in your life right now?

Are you done? How did it go?

Now let’s turn your dream into a reality. To get you started, I have listed two different examples that can help you transition your dream into your personal mantra.

Example 1: 

I wish to become more confident so I can start dating again.

A great mantra to this dream could look like this:

I am confident, I am a treasure and I will attract a lovely partner.

Woooow how powerful, huh? Are you ready to make a tinder profile?

Example 2: 

Let’s try another example.

“I wished I could drop 50 pounds so I don’t have to ask for an extra seatbelt on the airplane”.

Your mantra could look like this:

“I will love and honor my body by making healthy choices and exercising 30 minutes today”.

I can already imagine how fast the pounds will be dropping!

Now it is your turn!  

Choose your dream and create your life changing mantra!

Now post it everywhere. As your screen saver, put posters on your mirror or set an alarm to remind yourself to say your new personal mantra!



Comment below and let me know how your personal mantra look?

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